Add team members to your account

Once you've integrated Klaus with your customer service software, all your team members are automatically pulled to your Klaus account. Before they can start working on those conversation reviews, you need to invite the right people to your Klaus team and assign them appropriate roles.

To invite your customer service software users to Klaus:

  1. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner.
  2. Open the Teams tab. The list of your teams appears. You can add, edit and delete teams on this page. 
  3. Click Manage to invite users to your Klaus teams. List of team members appears.
    There are two options for adding team members to your account:
    - Connect users whose tickets you want to review, but who will not have access to your Klaus account.
    - Invite users to access your account with the permissions you've granted them.
  4. Select a role for each team member you want to invite to your account from the Role dropdown.  Read more about roles
  5. Click Invite to invite the user to your account with the selected role.
  6. (Optional) Click Connect to connect user's tickets with your account without giving them access to Klaus.

Once you've assigned all team members to your account, your team can start doing conversation reviews. Make sure you've set up your rating categories properly.

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