Welcome to our (feline) family! Let's set up your account and get cracking on those conversation reviews.

To set up an account on Klaus:

  • Go to www.klausapp.com.
  • Click Sign up at the top right corner.  The signup screen opens. 
  • Use your Google account, Slack account or email address to sign up The Settings page opens and requires you to connect your helpdesk with your Klaus account.
  • Click Add Connection to integrate your helpdesk with Klaus. The Add New Connection screen appears.
  • Select your help desk from the Service dropdown. 
  • Select from when you want to pull conversations into Klaus in the Pull in conversations from... dropdown.
  • Enter a name for the integration in the Name field.
  • Enter your customer service subdomain in the Subdomain field.
  • Enter your Email and customer service API Token, if required with the selected help desk service provider.
  • (Optional) Click Advanced to manage advanced settings that mask customer data, ignore specific content and hide sensitive data fields.
  • Click Add Connection to integrate help desk with your Klaus account. The integration starts.

Your tickets and team members are pulled into your Klaus account. Next up you should:

  1. Add team members to Klaus.
  2. Set up rating categories for your conversation reviews.

Once you're done with that, nothing can keep you from rating your customer service interactions.

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