As an agent, you can access Klaus to see feedback on your work (ratings and comments left on your tickets) as well as to confirm that you have seen the feedback.


Make sure to use the link from the email invitation when you sign in to Klaus the very first time. You have a few options to choose from: Gmail login, Slack login or email login. We'd recommend using either Gmail or Slack, as it's faster. When using the email login, we'll send you a login link to your email that you'd have to use whenever you want to log in to Klaus.

My Reviews

When you login to Klaus, you will land at the 'My Reviews' page. Here you can see all the feedback left for you, both comments and ratings. You will be able to recognize if a ticket has a positive or negative rating overall, or if it also has a comment, by looking at the icons next to the ticket subject. You can also choose to only see tickets with comments.

When selecting a ticket from the list that has received feedback, you can

  • Click through to your helpdesk to get directly to the original ticket

  • Copy the review link if you'd like to share it with someone

  • See the overall review score

  • See the comments

  • See the category ratings

There might be a review on the whole ticket or on a specific message. If there is a little thumbs up/ thumbs down on the bottom left of the message, this means this message specifically has received a review. Click on the message to be able to see the score, the comments and the ratings on it.


When you navigate to "Profile", you will be able to

  • Click through to edit your personal settings

  • See which team(s) you are part of and change the team

  • Switch the account (this is when you are part of several different accounts in Klaus)

  • Chat with us when you have any issues, would like to give us feedback or maybe share some cat pics

  • Log out of Klaus

Under "Profile" menu you have:

  • General settings like your name and email

  • Notifications where you can choose how often you would like to receive emails from Klaus notifying you of any new feedback received. You can also connect your Slack account to receive notifications there.

  • Logins where you can add additional log in options (email, Slack, Gmail) if you'd like to change that from what it was initially

  • Reset Password

  • New Account where you can create a new account


We summarize all of the review information for you on the dashboard. You will be able to see both your teams performance as well as your personal performance information.

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