Setting up the Browser Extension couldn't be easier!

To start using the extension, follow these simple steps:

  • Add the extension to Chrome

  • Click on the kitty in your browser and log in to your Klaus account

  • You will be asked to whitelist the domain you are on

What does whitelisting mean?

Whitelisting is the act of giving Klaus permission to review a specific domain. That can be a random program or your existing help desk connection.

Now you have set up the extension, you can click on the Klaus icon to open up the scorecard when you are inside a conversation in your help desk or elsewhere.

You can rate each category, add comments, add hashtags, mention other users and track your goal, just as you can inside the app.

When the review is done, it will also be created in the main app and the dashboard will be updated with the scores you gave.

How can I find conversations reviewed with the extension in Klaus?

When you have reviewed a conversation with the extension, it is also created in Klaus. Agents can see the reviews in their Reviews Received inbox and reviewers can see them in their Given Reviews inbox.

The only difference is that users can't see the content of the conversation but instead see a URL they can open to see the conversation in your help desk.

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