When pulling data from your help desk to Klaus for conversation reviews, we automatically pull in all conversation-related data. With the advanced security settings, you can hide selected content in the conversations and this data will not be visible to reviewers (nor will Klaus ever know of it!).

To access the advanced security settings, click Advanced when adding a new help desk connection. The following options appear:

  • Mask customer data hides all customer-related information in conversations, including name, e-mail, phone number, bank credentials, etc.

  • Ignore conversation content brings over the conversation content only when you are reviewing, nothing is stored on our servers.

  • Ignore attachments disables storing the URLs of conversation attachments on Klaus. This data is pulled in on-demand when a conversation is opened for review.

  • Hide sensitive data fields excludes the defined custom fields when pulling data from your help desk. 

  • Exclude conversations with these tags allows you to choose not to sync certain conversations.

  • Only syncing certain groups allows you to choose which groups are brought over.

Use these advanced security settings to protect the privacy of your customers and customer support agents as necessary.

The availability of these options depends on the help desk you are using.

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