Rating categories are the aspects of the conversations that you want to review. Ticket scores are calculated based on your rating categories.

Your Klaus account comes with 3 default rating categories: Solution, Empathy/Tone, Product Knowledge.  

To add and edit rating categories: 

  • Click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner.

  • Open the Users and Workspaces tab.

  • Choose a Workspace

  • Choose the Rating Categories tab on top of the page

  • Enter the category name in the What do you want to rate? field and click Add category to add a new category

  • Click on the wheel icon on the right to edit a category

  • Add a description of the category, this will appear when you hover over the category name when rating a ticket

  • Click on the checkbox in the Critical column to mark this category as critical. This means that if a conversation receives a negative rating in this specific critical category, the entire conversation is marked as failed

  • Drag the slider in the Weight column to define the importance of this category compared to others

  • Choose which Rating Scale this category will be rated on (available on Professional and Advanced plans)

  • Add a tag to the category to pin it to a specific scorecard (see here for more information on creating multiple scorecards in the same workspace)

  • Decide if you want reviewers to be prompted to give more details on why they left negative feedback for a specific category. This helps you identify the root causes of negative feedback

  • Click update to save the changes you made to the category

You can also disable categories. Disabled categories are not displayed during ticket review, but they still appear in the dashboard with historical data. To delete a category and its history, click on the 3 dots and then select Delete in the drop down menu.

Read more about how ticket scores are calculated based on rating categories.

The next step is choosing your rating scales.

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