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Understanding Dashboard Filters
Understanding Dashboard Filters
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The filter row on the Dashboard is your main partner in digging into the data for your workspace. The filter row will always be on top of your screen to allow you to quickly find the data you need.

The filter section is divided into: 

  • Whether you are looking at Received feedback or Given feedback (as in: whether you are analyzing your reviewers or your reviewees. 

  • Period selection

  • Workspace selection (if you have only one workspace - ignore this one)

  • Groups selection

  • User selection

  • Filters

Workspace members with agent status can only see their own data and aggregate workspace data.

Period Selection

The default options to filter for are: 

  • Last week (Monday to Monday)

  • Last 7 days

  • Last month (first day to last day of previous month)

  • Last 30 days 

  • Last quarter

  • Last year

  • Custom period

Individual data points are always one magnitude smaller than your selection, e.g. if you choose “last week” you will get daily data points. If you choose last month or last quarter, you will get weekly data points. 

Workspace Selection 

This allows you to quickly skip between workspaces. Note that if you compare “all workspaces” you won’t see detailed data, since rating scales, categories, and team members can differ between workspaces. 

You can only see data for workspaces that you are effectively a member of.

User Group

Your user groups which help you to avoid having to select multiple agents each time you want to see the performance of a group.

Agent Selection

This filter allows you to select a specific person or people
Agents will only be able to see their own data.


Clicking on filters will open a panel on the left which will allow you to filter by:

  • Conversation Source - useful if you have conversations coming from more than one tool and you wish to choose which one.

  • Scorecard Tags - Do you have multiple scorecards? This is where you can choose which one to see data for.

  • Comment Hashtags - You can report on the tags you leave in the Klaus comment section.

  • Helpdesk tags - Do you use tags in your help desk? If so, you can filter by them here.

You can also decide if you wish to include/exclude self-reviews done by agents and whether you want to see reviews by the conversation creation date or the review creation date.

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