Managing Account Settings

How to change account settings

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Role: Admin, Account Manager

Account Settings is where you can choose the general settings for your account and all workspaces. Below you can see what you can do in each section. You can also access the Surveys settings from this menu.


Under “Company”  you can set the name for the company, choose the starting day for the week.


Under "Connections" you will be able to see the help desk accounts that are linked to Klaus as well as the last time we synced the conversations.

You can manually trigger a refresh by clicking on the green 'refresh' button.
You can also add additional help desk connections to Klaus right here.


This is where you can decide which notifications you will receive, where and when. You can choose to receive daily, weekly or monthly reports as well as notifications when you have new feedback or replies to feedback you left. As an Admin or Account manager, you can also decide if you want to lock the settings for all users, or if you want to allow them to customize them for their own preferences.

You can also connect your Slack account to receive notifications there too.


This is where you can choose if you want to use emojis or numbers or skipping categories. Change applies to all Workspaces.


Here you can decide how you would like your users to log in. Klaus offers the option to log in with email + password, through Google, through Slack or by using the Magic Link (sends an email with a link you can use to log in).

You can disable any of these options for your agents.


As an admin, you can manage your subscription. Here you can edit the number of seats.

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