Managing Users and Workspaces
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Role: Admin, Account Manager

How to manage Users?

This is a list of all of the users in your account. Here you can:

  • Connect and invite user to your account

  • Add and remove users from workspaces

  • Define the role of a user (both on the Account level and the Workspace level)

  • Disconnect them from the account or delete them altogether (deleting a user from the account does not remove their seat - subscription needs to be edited).

How to manage Workspaces?

Role: Admin, Account Manager, (Workspace) Manager

You can divide your team into workspaces which means they would have a different scorecard and dashboard. It is important to decide if you wish to have your team split into workspaces or if you want them to be in the same workspace.

If different departments are using Klaus, it can be a good idea to split the team into different workspaces eg. Support, Sales, Customer Success.

If only one department is using Klaus, it is better to have everyone in one workspace so you have one overall dashboard. In this case, you can segment your team into smaller groups.

Inside Workspaces

Inside each workspace, you have various settings to configure.

Inside Members, you can add and remove users as well as change their roles for that workspace.

In the General page, you can choose your workspace name, turn Calibration on or off, turn self-review functionality on or off and delete the workspace.

In Scorecards you can create your scorecards and add rating categories.

In Hashtags, you can manage the custom hashtags available and see how often they are used.

In Threshold, you can set your overall QA goal. All scores under the threshold will show in differing shades of red whilst all score over the threshold will show in green.

In Assignments you can set up automatic assignment of conversations based on the conditions you need to review. 

In Connections, you can choose to attach a specific help desk connection to this specific workspace. This can be useful if you have multiple help desk connections at the account level but only want conversations from one of them to show in this specific workspace.

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