Account Users

This is a list of all of the users already in your account. Here you can change the role of a user, disconnect them from the account or delete them altogether.


You can divide your team into workspaces which means they would have a different scorecard and dashboard. It is important to decide if you wish to have your team split into workspaces or if you want them in the same workspace.

If different departments are using Klaus, it can be a good idea to split the team into different workspaces eg. Support, Sales, Customer Success.

If only one department is using Klaus, it is better to have everyone in one workspace so you have one overall dashboard. You can use the filters to segment your team into smaller groups.

Inside Workspaces

Inside each workspace, you can invite users as well as restrict their access to agent for this workspace but toggling the button Restrict Access. You can also manually send them reminders to check their feedback or remove them from the workspace.

You can also manage workspace members, choose your workspace name and delete the workspace in General, create your scorecard in Rating Categories or manage Hashtags

Whereas you can attach your help desk to Klaus under the Company settings, you can choose and attach a specific token also on the workspace level.

Example: You are using both Zendesk and Intercom in your support team. You connect both tools to Klaus under "Account" settings. You can create one Workspace for reviewing Intercom conversations and another Workspace for reviewing Zendesk tickets. So you can attach the Intercom token to one of the Workspaces and Zendesk token to the other Workspace under the "Workspace Settings".

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