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Klaus is a tool for the entire customer service team and it comes with a selection of user roles and permissions.

There are two levels of permissions:

  • (Account) Users

  • Workspace Users


All team members need to have at least one of these permissions on the account level.


Admin is the account owner with access to everything. Admins can edit the payment, delete the account and all other settings.

Account Manager

Account Manager can see everything (like the Admin) and they can manage account and workspace settings, except the billing.


Users have no editing rights on the account level settings. Workspace-level permissions will allow for them to edit just the settings concerning their workspace. User can still edit their personal settings.

Workspace user

Team members can have different roles in different workspaces, depending on how the team is divided and how the workspaces are used.

Workspace Manager

Workspace Manager can see all reviews within their workspace and manage the settings of the workspace.

Workspace Reviewer

Workspace Reviewer can see all reviews but cannot edit the workspace settings. They can also do peer reviews.


Agent can see their own conversations (and reply to received feedback) and CSAT ratings. They have access to their own Dashboard with the internal quality score and can only do self-reviews.

Further permissions within the app (features):


Who can create Calibration sessions?

  • Users with Admin and Account Manager roles

  • Users (account) with Workspace Manager role

  • Workspace Reviewers can participate in calibration sessions


Who can create new coaching sessions?

  • Users with Admin or Account manager roles

  • Users (account) with Workspace manager or reviewer role at least in one workspace

  • All members can access the sessions


Who can create new quizzes?

  • Users with Admin or Account manager roles

  • Account Users with Workspace manager role at least in one workspace

  • All members belonging to the Workspace the quiz is created in can access

  • Admins and Account managers can access drafts of quizzes, so they can change, delete, or publish them

  • Admins and Account managers can delete or archive all quizzes

IQS Dashboard User groups

  • only Workspace managers and up can create them


  • Depending on the workspace settings but the reviewees (most commonly agents) can create a dispute


  • All Users can add pins


Admins/Account managers can see all data from all workspaces

Account Users can:

  • see all data where they are Workspace Reviewers and higher role

  • see only their own data from workspaces where they are Agents


  • Admins/Account managers can create, edit and delete Groups

  • Workspace Managers can create, edit and delete Groups for their Workspaces

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