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Receiving Notifications in Slack
Receiving Notifications in Slack

How to set up Slack integration

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Integrate Klaus with your Slack account and make customer service feedback a part of your daily communications. Klaus will send the following information to your team members:

  • conversation reviews they received;

  • comments they received.

How to set up Klaus to send notifications to Slack?

To set up Slack integration:

  • Click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner to open the settings page.

  • Navigate to your Notifications. 

  • Click Add to Slack to set up your integration.

       The Slack authorization page opens.

  • Click Authorize to add Klaus-bot to your Slack account. 

That's it, Klaus-bot is added to your Slack account. Your team members will now receive notifications about:

  • Ratings

  • Comments on the reviews

  • Thread replies

  • Mentions

  • Disputes.

How to set up the Praisebot?

The Praisebot will send notifications to Slack when a customer has positively rated a conversation and/or has left a comment. You can select 2 options:

In order for the notifications to work, your email needs to be the same for Slack and Klaus. Contact our support if you're using multiple emails for logins.

*Slack integration is not available on legacy Starter plan.

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