If you're using Aircall, you can easily integrate it with Klaus. The Klaus-Aircall integration automatically pulls recordings of your phone calls into Klaus for conversation reviews. 

Reviewers can listen to conversation recordings and rate them in the conversation review view.

To set up your Aircall-Klaus integration:

  1. Make sure you're logged in to your Aircall account.

  2. Navigate to connection settings on Klaus:If you've just signed up, you are automatically taken to the Connections page.If you've already set up an account and would now like to add Aircall connection, access your settings from the bottom left corner of the Klaus app. Then find Connections in the menu on the left.

  3. Click Add connection to add a new Aircall integration. The Add a new connection screen opens. 

  4. Select Aircall in the Services dropdown.

  5. Select the period of time from when to pull Aircall conversations to Klaus in the Pull in conversations from... field

  6. Click Add connection.

And that's it! Your Aircall conversations are pulled to Klaus and you can start reviewing them when we've finished syncing your accounts.

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