The Browser Extension allows you to grade conversations and provide feedback to your agents from directly inside your help desk or any other browser-based software, eliminating the need to move between tabs and saving you bucketloads of time.

The extension also promotes a habit of always having conversation reviews in mind and steadily completing reviews throughout your day.

Don't like reading like me? (I'm a cat, remember) Here's a gif:

As you can see, as a reviewer, it is possible to review a conversation within any browser-based software as long as there is a unique URL we can connect the review to.

You can add scores, comments, tags, GIFS, and emojis just as you can in the main app. Once you have submitted the review, the reviewee will be able to consult the feedback from the extension or by clicking on the conversation in the notifications panel to see the review in Klaus:

Why should I use the extension?

The extension allows you to grade directly inside your help desk, saving you time and effort as well as making conversation reviews a constant habit. You may use the extension alongside your help desk which is integrated with Klaus.

If you wish to review conversations from a software we don't integrate with however, you can do so using the extension! 

Extension Icons

When you are inside a conversation, the extension icon in your browser toolbar will look different depending on the status of the conversation.

Greyed out Klaus - You're either not logged in or not on a site that can be reviewed

Colorful Klaus - You're on a valid site that can be reviewed

Greyed checkmark - Someone from your team has reviewed this conversation/URL already

Colorful checkmark - You have reviewed this conversation/URL already

Extension Settings

You can access Settings in the extension to choose the Workspace you are reviewing in and under which domains reviews are able to be completed.

Consulting the Reviews in Klaus

Any reviews completed in Klaus can be found in Klaus. In the Conversations View, you can add a filter to find all of the conversations reviewed with the Extension. Reviews will also be visible in the Received and Given Reviews page:

Using the Extension + Dashboard

All scores and comments left via the extension will show in the dashboard just as they would if the review was done in the desktop app.

Sounds interesting?
Click here to learn how to set it up!

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