The Browser Extension allows you to grade tickets and provide feedback to your agents from directly inside your helpdesk, eliminating the need to move between tabs and saving you bucketloads of time. The extension also promotes a habit of always having conversation reviews in mind and steadily completing reviews throughout your day.

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Click here to learn how to set it up!

Why should I use the extension?

The extension allows you to grade directly inside your helpdesk, saving you time and effort as well as making conversation reviews a constant habit. We are pretty proud of our integrations but if you wish to review conversations from a software we don't integrate with, you can do so using the extension! 

Extension Settings

You can access Settings in the extension to choose the team you wish to grade and to whitelist your domains and helpdesk connections.

Analyzing the Results

If you wish to analyze the results of the reviews you completed using the extension, you can still see all of the numbers you need in the Klaus dashboard.

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