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What happens when I change a rating scale?
What happens when I change a rating scale?

Here's what happens if you decide to change rating scale later on.

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Changing the scale will most likely affect your stats, so read on to find what exactly will happen. 

Changing from emojis to numbers: no impact

Changing the visual representation of your rating scale will not have an impact on your Dashboard, since from a score calculation point of view, all ratings are numerical anyway (even if displayed as an emoji). 

De/activating the skip-categories option

The option N/A (skip) allows reviewers to not rate a specific category, which might not be applicable to the conversation in question. If skipping is enabled, reviewers can simply not rate those categories, and they’ll be marked as N/A upon submitting the review. 

When you newly allow customers to skip categories, nothing will change. 

If you disable the option to skip categories, reviewers will have to rate all categories from that moment onwards, and they won’t be able to change ratings from past conversations unless they rate every single category. 

Changing the rating scale completely

If you change from one rating scale to a different one (e.g. from the traditional 2-point scale to the new 5-point scale), you will automatically create a completely new rating system, since it is not possible to compare 2-point metrics with 5-point metrics. Past reviews will not be affected or changed, instead you will have archived rating categories that need to be unarchived if you want them to show up on the Dashboard. 

  • All previous categories will be deactivated. 

  • You will be prompted to create new categories or use the one-click auto-creation to clone your existing categories. 

  • If you look at a timeframe that includes both rating scales, you will see the archived AND the new rating categories, side by side. If this looks confusing, try narrowing down the time range to only catch the period after (or before) the change. 

This is the dialogue that you will see: 

We highly recommend choosing the one rating scale that works for you and committing to this one scale. This will allow you the best experience when analyzing your data. 

If you want to use different scales, you can always create two different Workspaces. Keep in mind though, that Workspaces cannot be compared within the Dashboard.

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