The Klaus Browser Extension allows you to review the quality of your sales emails and calls from within your CRM.

A simple click allows you to use a customized scorecard to review the quality of interactions your sales reps are having with potential customers. 

This article will explain how you can get started!

Creating a Klaus account

First you can set up a Klaus account at

This will allow you to set up your own scorecards, add users and later, analyze your team performance in our dashboard.

  1. Set up your account at

  2. Choose the rating scale you would like to use

  3. Create workspaces

  4. Add your users (add them as external users)

  5. Customize your scorecard 

Adding the Browser Extension

Now, you are ready to add the extension to your browser.

Once you have added the extension to your browser, you can decide where you want to use it and whitelist your domain. You can use Klaus anywhere: inside your sales CRM, your calling dashboard, your email client etc.

  1. Add the Extension

  2. Go to site where you want to use it eg. your sales CRM

  3. Add the domain

Using the Browser Extension 

You are ready to review!

When you have chosen where you want to review, you can click on the Klaus logo to assign the review to an agent and open your scorecard. Here you can leave scores for each of your categories and add comments and tags. 

Once you have done your reviews, you can get an overview of individual agent and team performance in the Klaus dashboard.

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