Sometimes agents are not entirely happy with a received review, and they might want to get a second pair of eyes on the conversation or dispute the evaluation. You have two different options to allow for disputes and to manage those. 

@mentioning the person in charge of disputes

The most direct way to get someone else to look at the conversation is to mention this person in a comment. Klaus allows you to @mention any other person on your account. That means, the agent can @mention their own lead or another person who then gets a notification. 

Use a pre-defined comment hashtag, e.g. #dispute

Your dashboard allows you to filter based on hashtags used within your comments. This means you can define a common hashtag for disputes, committing to reviewing these conversations in regular intervals. When filtering for this hashtag on the dashboard, the last card will then include a list of conversations that you might want to dive into. You can either export this card, including the comments, or you can directly click through to the comment in question.

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