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Account Manager
A user role which allows the user the same rights as an admin except billing and ownership.

Account Users
Your overall list of users found in Settings.

A user role which allows total control and visibility in the account.

A user role for customer support agents. This user can only receive feedback and do self reviews.

The allowed log in methods for your account eg. Slack, Google, email and password.

Category Weight
A sliding scale allowing you to add or reduce importance of the category when calculating the conversation score. 

Comment Hashtag
A custom hashtag you can add to the comment section to track something specific.

The link between your help desk(s) and Klaus.

Conversation Review
The act of giving feedback in the form of scores and comments for a team member.

Conversations Page
The Klaus page where you can filter tickets and leave conversation reviews for your team.

Critical Category
A Rating Category which will result in a score of 0% being given for the conversation if it scores lower than 50%.

A page in Klaus where you can access reports on team and agent performance.

My Reviews
A page in Klaus where users can consult the feedback they have given and/or received.

Peer Review
The act of giving feedback for a colleague on the same level as you.

Rating Scale
The system you use for leaving feedback eg. binary, 3 point scale, 4 point scale.

Rating Category
A specific criteria which you use to evaluate a conversation eg. grammar, tone, solution. 

Scorecard Tags
Tags you can add to a category to attribute it to a specific scorecard.


The percentage score which your agents should achieve. Scores under the threshold show in red in the dashboard.

Workspace Manager
A user role which allows the user the ability to manage and give feedback to their specific workspace.

Workspace Reviewer
A user role which allows the user to give as well as receive feedback in their specific workspace.

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