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Link to Klaus from your help desk
Link to Klaus from your help desk

Use a bookmarklet in your browser or your help desk to open a conversation directly on Klaus

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You can create a link to Klaus by incorporating the query link into your help desk setup, or by using a Bookmarklet in your browser. 

How to add a "Open in Klaus"-button to your help desk setup? 

Klaus can open up a specific conversation if you add your help desk's conversation ID to the URL's query parameter labeled externalTicketId. An example URL would be

How to use a Bookmarklet in your browser to open a conversation in Klaus? 

You can automate the generation of this URL with a Bookmarklet. Below are some examples for those help desks that Klaus integrates with already. Feel free to modify these examples to redirect virtually any URL to Klaus, even when using the Klaus' API or the browser extension. 

Overview of the "Open-In-Klaus" bookmarklet

The bookmarklet consists of 2 general parts:

  1. We provide some general feedback to the user if they're not on a valid conversation URL (e.g. for Zendesk that would be <domain><id> 

  2. Once we've confirmed the URL is valid, we redirect the user to Klaus with the aforementioned externalTicketId parameter.

Here's a collection of bookmarklets for each of our integrations. To add the bookmarklet, go and find your help desk and just drag the "Review on Klaus" button to your bookmark bar.


javascript: (() => {
  if (!location.hostname.endsWith('')) return alert('To be used on Zendesk only')
  const path = location.pathname.substring(1).split('/');
  if (path[0] !== 'agent' || path[1] !=== 'tickets' || isNaN(parseInt(path[2], 10))) return alert('Not a Zendesk ticket URL');

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