Setting up a custom integration

Set up a custom integration to import & export data from Klaus

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This, and the following, articles will cover some advanced use-cases for Klaus and may require a bit of technical experience.

Role: Admin, Account Manager

You might need to import conversations or users into Klaus in bulk, or have the need to export statistical data periodically. Both of these actions can be achieved with a custom API integration.

How to set up a custom integration?

You can set up a new connection by navigating to Account Settings → Connections and choosing Add connection from the top-right. From the Service dropdown, find the option custom integration and name your new connection. It will then appear in the list of connections on that same page.

To get the API token, click on the copy button here (hovering will also reveal the API token):

Go ahead and copy the API token and your account ID, as you'll need those when performing API requests.

Lastly, to locate the ID of your workspace, navigate to "Users & Workspaces". From there, you can select a workspace and find its ID in the URL (e.g. - 11759 in this example).

You should now have an API token, account ID and workspace ID to make requests. Next, you can explore importing users, importing conversations & exporting data from Klaus.

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