Creating Multiple Scorecards

Set up automatically or manually selected scorecards

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You may need to have multiple scorecards in your account. This could be in order to evaluate different channels or teams with different criteria.

In order to create a new Scorecard you need to go to Users & Workspaces > Workspace > Scorecards > Add Category > and then simply add a name for the new Scorecard.

In Klaus, you can either have Conditional or Static scorecards.

Conditional scorecards are available only on the Professional and Advanced plans.

Conditional scorecards will be automatically selected if the conversation you are reviewing complies with the conditions you have set up whilst Static scorecards need to be manually selected when you are reviewing conversations.

These scorecards are created on a Workspace level so each Workspace can have its own scorecards.

Conditional Scorecards

To create a Conditional scorecard, you can go to Users & Workspaces > Workspace > Scorecards and click on the cog icon ⚙️.

Here, you can choose the Conditional Scorecard type.

Then, when you add or edit a Rating Category, you can create conditions which the conversation must comply with for the scorecard to be automatically selected.

This means that if you are reviewing a conversation from the Conversation channel and has a Satisfaction Score of 3, the Product Knowledge Rating Category will be available to grade.

Setting up Conditional Scorecards saves you a lot of time as you don't need to select the scorecard you want to use every time you review a conversation.

Static Scorecards

You can still choose to manually select the scorecards.

To set this up, you should choose the Static Scorecard option and then tag each rating category with the scorecard you have selected.

Then, when reviewing a conversation, you can choose the scorecard you want to use as shown.

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