You may wish to have multiple scorecards in one workspace. Common use cases are multiple scorecards for different channels, languages or tiers in your support team.

You can create different scorecards by tagging rating categories with the scorecard they should belong to.

To create multiple scorecards, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to Settings>Users and Workspaces

  2. Choose the Workspace and go to the Rating Categories tab

  3. Choose the category you would like to assign to a scorecard

  4. Click on the wheel icon next to the category

  5. In the field Scorecard Tags, choose the scorecard the category should belong to

  6. To create a new scorecard, simply add the name of it in this field and you will be able to select it in future

Now when you go to review conversations, you will be able to choose a scorecard so that you can only see the relevant categories for that ticket.

You can also report by scorecard in the dashboard.

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