Root Causes

Identifying Root Causes of negative feedback

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The Root Causes feature allows you to achieve a further level of detail by prompting your reviewers to select custom reasons explaining why they gave a specific feedback.

For example, if a reviewer gave a negative rating for Tone in this case, they would be prompted to add the reason(s) why in the form of a predefined choice or by adding a freeform comment.

You can then use the Dashboard to analyze the reasons and pinpoint specific problems on a team and agent level. This makes it easier for you to organize coaching and solve specific issues.

You can do this by scrolling down to the Ratings by Category table and clicking on the Category you wish to analyze or selecting the Categories tab in the Dashboard.

You can set up Root Causes by going to Users and Workspaces > Scorecards and editing the Category you wish to add Root Causes for.

You can choose if you want to have predefined options, if you want your reviewers to be able to select multiple Root Causes and if you want reviewers to be prompted only when they give a negative rating, for negative and neutral or for all ratings:

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