Deleting a Workspace
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Role: Admin, Account Manager, (Workspace) Manager

How can I delete a Workspace?

You can delete a workspace by going to

  • Users and Workspaces

  • choosing the workspace

  • choosing General

There you can delete the Workspace.

Make sure you definitely want to do this as it's an irreversible action and we cannot restore your Workspace.

What happens when you delete a Workspace?

  • All rating categories, comments, highlighted statuses on conversations, internal tags, filters are deleted. Connected users are also disconnected.

  • Reviews left in this Workspace are deleted.

  • Admins and Account Managers not connected to other Workspaces will still be able to use your account.

  • Agents not connected to other Workspaces will not be able to use Klaus and will see a message asking them to contact their admin.

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