As a reviewer, the Conversations View is where you will probably spend most of your time. This is where you can filter out the tickets you wish to reviews and leave score and comment for agents.

Filtering Tickets

If you have ever done QA manually, you will know that finding the right tickets to grade if often difficult and time-consuming. Klaus gives you an easy to use filtering system which makes trawling through your helpdesk a thing of the past.

You can create public or private filters based on any helpdesk field (standard, custom and tags) and save those filters for future use.

Commonly used filters conditions include:

  • Replay count is > or > less X
  • Assignee is X
  • Satisfaction score is X
  • Created date is X

Refining your search

Once you have filtered your tickets, you can narrow down the results further by choosing how you want the tickets to be displayed, how many tickets you want to see and which assignee's tickets you want to see.

Reviewing a conversation vs Reviewing a message

In the middle of the page, you will have conversation itself. You can either then review the whole conversation by clicking nothing or clicking on a specific message to review that message and poster. This is useful if more than one agent has replied to the customer and you want to review that agent's part of the conversation.

You also have a panel above the conversation which you can expand to see more context on the ticket.

Leaving Scores

Once you have read the conversation, you can leave scores for each of your categories. Once the ticket is submitted, a score out of 100% will be calculated based on the weights you have added and your critical categories.

Leaving Comments

You have the option to leave comments which is very much encouraged. You can expand the comment box if you want to write a lot. You can also add Comment Hashtags and mentions to bring somebody else into the conversation.

Submitting your review

Once you have added scores and left a comment, you can then submit the score to the agent. If you have invited the agent, they will receive a notification asking them to log in to consult the feedback in their My Received Reviews inbox.

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