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My Received and Given Reviews Overview
My Received and Given Reviews Overview

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Where can I see my received or given reviews?

My Received Reviews is an inbox where agents will find all of the reviews they have received. Once there, agents can check each review, read the conversation, consult received feedback on the conversation and talk to the reviewer.

My Given Reviews is an outbox which shows all of the reviews you have given to other users. They can both be found under the Activity view. Same section also shows the received and given comments.

Filtering Conversations

Agents can toggle to see all received feedback or only reviews that have comments. By clicking on the conversation, they can also see what happened eg. how many comments and ratings were left and by who. Reviewers can also search for the comments they have left for agents.

Consulting feedback

Agents can read the conversation and consult the scores and comments the reviewer left on the right and the reviewer can reply to it.

Replying to the reviewer

Agents can reply to the reviewer's comments. This is useful if they have questions, want to request training or wish to dispute the review.

How to dispute a conversation

Sometimes agents are not entirely happy with a received review, and they might want to get a second pair of eyes on the conversation or dispute the evaluation.

You have two different options to allow for disputes when on legacy Starter plan and to manage those:

  • The agent can @mention their own lead or another person who then gets a notification.

  • Create a Comment Hashtag called #dispute which agents can use. You can filter out conversations by this hashtag in the Conversations View and Dashboard.

For accounts using the legacy Professional plan, Growth, AI suite and Enterprise plan we have a feature Disputes.

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