Discover conversations that stand out for your team and are critical to review.

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Many people find that one of the most time-consuming parts of doing QA is finding the right conversations to grade. Conversations that aren't too short or simple for example. Spotlight can help you focus on meaningful conversations, as it will provide these 5 insight filters (where possible):

  • Outliers

  • Churn risk

  • Escalation

  • Follow up

  • Extra mile

  • Positive or Negative sentiment

How can I find complex conversations?

Outliers help you automatically highlight complex conversations with the highest learning potential. In a nutshell, it enables you to find conversations that are critical to review at the click of a button.

These conversations might be conversations in which:

  • the customer issue is more complicated,

  • the customer's problem cannot be explained in one message,

  • the agent needs to ask for further information to understand the request,

  • there are more replies than average from the customer and agent,

  • and the length of replies is longer.

Outliers let you get going with your conversation discovery without thinking about filtering what should be most useful to review. It is a one-click solution that selects 15% more interesting conversations and removes more regular conversations.

How to use the Outliers filter?

You can add it as a filter condition:

This feature does not work for the conversations imported via Browser Extension.

What does Churn risk indicate?

Churn risk will be shown if your customers have explicitly mentioned that they are cancelling the subscription/product or if they mention switching to competitors.

What does Escalation indicate?

Escalation will be shown conversations where the customer asked to speak to a higher level representative, such as a manager. It does not detect internal escalation processes happening outside the conversation.

What does Follow up indicate?

Follow up will be shown if the support representative has promised to undertake a future course of action. It does not detect the validity of the action, only if it was done or not.

What does Extra mile indicate?

Extra mile will be shown if the support representative provided exceptional service and the customer showed gratitude.

What does Sentiment indicate?

Sentiment will be shown if the customer has expressed elements of delight or dissatisfaction. You can read more about it here.

❗Currently, Spotlight only works with text-based conversations.

💡Spotlight insight filters are available in both the Conversation view and in Assignments.

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