The Complexity Filter is available on our Professional and Advanced plans

The Complexity Filter shows you the most complex conversations you have had with your customers at the click of a button.

Many people find that one of the most time-consuming parts of doing QA is finding the right conversations to grade. Conversations that aren't too short or simple for example. The Complexity Filter helps you by highlighting the conversations with the highest learning potential.

These conversations might be conversations in which the customer issue is more complicated, the customer's problem cannot be explained in one message, the agent needs to ask for further information to understand the request, there are more replies than average from the customer and agent and the length of replies is longer.

Why The Complexity Filter is so cool - Catistics obviously!

Our data science team has come up with an innovative way to determine where your reviewer's effort is most rewarded by doing multilevel statistical analysis of your communications metadata. This helps you to find issues that your agents struggle with or that they need to put in more effort than usual to resolve.

The Complexity Filter lets you get going with your conversation discovery without thinking about filtering what should be most useful to review. It is a one-click solution that selects 15% more interesting conversations and removes more regular conversations.

How to Use it?

It works both on unfiltered data or together with any preset filter. Hitting that cat with glasses (he is called Klaus if you haven't got that yet) shows you the conversations that are more complex than your regular conversations.

Enabling The Complexity Filter to Your Account

This availability of this feature depends on a few factors so please get in touch with our Support team for further details.

*This feature does not work for the conversations imported via Browser Extension.

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