Klaus gives you the possibility to automatically assign conversations to your reviewers on a regular recurring basis.

To set up an Assignment, you should go to Settings > Users and Workspaces, choose the Workspace, go to Assignments and click on Add assignment.

Now you can complete the following steps to set up your Assignment:

  1. Choose the interval (monthly, weekly or bi-weekly) and decide if this should be recurring.

2. Choose who your reviewers should be and who should be reviewed. If you are doing peer reviews, you should check the set as peer review box which will assign conversations to agents in a round robin style. You should also decide how many reviews should be done either in total or per reviewee. You can also select between include/exclude, that will change how the reviewee’s field will behave.

3. Create conditions to assign the right kind of conversations which should be reviewed e.g. conversations with more than 7 replies from the previous 7 days.

4. Finally, give your assignment a name, double check everything is correct and then click on Add assignment:

You will now see a list of Assignments in the Assignment menu. Make sure your new Assignment is activated. Once this is done, the reviewers involved will be able to access the Assignments tab to see the conversations which they need to review for that week/month.

You can also skip a conversation by clicking on the X and replacing it with another one that matches the same filter conditions.

When all of the assigned conversations have been reviewed, the Assignments tab will be empty until the next week/month!

The Assignments feature is available on the Professional and Advanced plans.

*To ensure ineligible review content does not end up in your assignments there are minimal content requirements already at work. These are basic sanity checks that pre-qualify conversations before you set any filters. For example the conversation must have at least one public message from both an agent and a customer and the conversation must have messages with actual text (not empty or consisting of punctuations and numbers only). We also do our best to not show conversations where the only participant is a bot.

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