If you are doing Peer Reviews using Klaus, the Peer Review Assignment feature is a must! This feature will allow you to automatically pair your agents together on a weekly or monthly basis and assign a number of tickets to each agent without you lifting a finger!

To set up your assignments:

  • Go to Settings>Choose your Workspace>Assignments

  • Add Assignment

  • Choose how many reviews you want to be done per week/month

  • Choose if you want it to be a recurring assignment

  • Choose which users will be doing Peer Reviews

  • Pairings will be generated

  • Use filters to choose which kind of tickets should be reviewed

  • Check that all of the details are correct and Add Assignment

When you have created an Assignment and activated it, the agents involved will be able to access the Assignments tab to see the tickets which they need to review for that week/month.

When all of the assigned tickets have been reviewed by the agent, the Assignments tab will be empty until the next week/month!

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