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Pin your 1:1 and coaching notes directly in Klaus

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Gone are the days of having to keep your 1:1 and coaching notes somewhere else.

The Pins for Coaching feature allows you to pin conversations and the dashboard with your notes and share them with agents or other reviewers to prepare for the next coaching session.

There are various ways which you can use Pins for Coaching. For example, when you see an interesting ticket or realize a trend on the dashboard, you can scribble a note right into Klaus connecting it with a specific agent. When the next 1:1 comes around, as a manager you can then see all notes left on your agent - by yourself or by other reviewers.

Once you have the Pins for Coaching feature enabled, you will see the pin icon appear in the Conversations view and on the Dashboard. Click this icon to pin notes:

All of the notes you pin will be accessible in the Coaching section in the left-hand toolbar:

Here you can see pinned notes for each agent. By default, your pins are private and only you can see them but you can @mention people on your pin who will then be able to see (not edit) them in their own pin board. From the pin-view panel, the pin can take you right to the view where you pinned it originally.

This feature is available on our Professional and Advanced plans.

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