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Enhance Intercom conversations with events
Enhance Intercom conversations with events

Utilize webhooks to send Intercom's conversation events to Klaus

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How to add events to Intercom conversations in Klaus?

First, we'll need your Klaus connection ID. To find the unique connection ID, navigate to Settings > Connections, find your connection and open up that connection's Settings modal via the cogwheel icon (โš™๏ธ). You will need Admin permissions to do this.

The connection ID is listed right under the title:

Then we'll head over to Intercom's Developer Hub. You can find a link to it in your
โ€‹ Settings > Developers menu.

Once in the Developer Hub, click on New app, add a descriptive name and make sure it's marked as an Internal integration. Click Create app to proceed.

We now have an app that can be notified by Intercom of any events for our conversation in real-time. Let's head over to the app's Webhooks settings page and configure a few topics that interest us. Currently, Klaus expects the following topics:


Once you've selected the topics you're interested in, the last thing to do is use the connection ID that we found at the start and insert it into your request endpoint URL. The URL should have the following format:<connection-ID>

With our test ID from before, the URL would look like this:

But make sure to swap out the <connection-ID> for your own connection ID.
With all that done, we can click Save.

With the Webhook set up, Klaus will be notified of your conversation events and will automatically know to display them in the conversation body.

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