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Choosing your Rating Scales
Choosing your Rating Scales
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Role: Admin, Account Manager, (Workspace) Manager

For users on the (legacy) Starter Plan:

If you are on the (legacy) Starter Plan, you can choose a Rating Scale for the whole account in Settings > Account Settings > Scorecard.

You can choose between the scales shown below:

You can also choose if you want to see these displayed as emojis or numbers and if you want reviewers to be able to skip categories or not.

This selection will be applied to Scorecards across all Workspaces.

For users on the (legacy) Professional and Advanced Plans, as well as Growth, AI suite and Enterprise:

You are able to choose a Rating Scale per Category. This will allow you to mix and match the scales in Scorecards and Workspaces. You can do this by selecting a Rating Scale each time you create or edit a Rating Category as shown:

You will also still have access to the Scorecard page in the Account Settings where you will be able to choose if you want to see emojis or numbers and if you want reviewers to be able to skip categories:

Click here to see the benefits of each rating scale.

Next step is adding your users to Klaus.

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