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Conversation Insights View

Deep dive into your helpdesk data

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The Conversation Insights View is available on our Professional and Advanced plans

The Conversation Insights View allows you to see a detailed breakdown of your help desk data so that you can focus on the conversations which are worth reviewing.

If you go to the filter menu, you will see two charts that will show you an overview of your help desk activity in the last 30 days, last month, last 7 days, or last week.

The Conversation Chart breaks down your help desk conversations by attributes such as language, channel, CSAT score, Spotlight, and more. You can then click on a specific area to see those conversations and be able to review them.

The Agents Chart breaks down which agents replied to which kind of conversations. The Agents chart has layers about agent performance metrics. You can click on low-performing agents to see their conversations.

How to read a chart

The charts are divided into different layers which are all selected by default. This means that the first chart will display data on all of these points. You can choose to select only one layer e.g. channel to see only that data.

You should read the chart from the middle out and every time you go out a circle, you will see the data on a deeper level. You can also click to go into more depth. You will see what you have selected above the charts:

Once you have made your selection, you will see the corresponding conversations on the right of the page. You can then go to consult or review these conversations.

We encourage you to play around with these charts as much as possible. If you have any questions, our support team is on hand to assist!

*This feature does not work for the conversations imported via Browser Extension.

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