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Role: Admin, Account Manager, (Workspace) Manager, Lead

Using the Quizzes feature, you can create* custom quizzes, share them with your agents and monitor performance via a leaderboard.

How do I create Quizzes?

You will find the Quizzes under the Coaching session on the toolbar. Here you can create a quiz by adding questions and possible answers if you want it to be multiple choice. Quizzes are Workspace specific, so you can choose if you want to use them in just one or multiple Workspaces.

You can then

  • preview your quiz,

  • save it as a draft or if you are ready,

  • hit publish so it can be shared with your team.

Once the quiz has been published and shared in a Workspace, it's no longer possible to change it or edit which Workspace it belongs to.

Once published, quizzes cannot be edited. You can however, create a duplicate of the quiz you need to modify and then change the parts you need.

How do I check the quiz results?

Once your team have responded to a quiz, you can click on the quiz to see the responses. Each user can respond only once to a quiz. You can see a team overview to see what the most common answers are and then also drill down to see the answers of each individual agent. Responses can be filtered by Workspace and its members.

What can I check on the Leaderboard?

The leaderboard will show you the top and bottom performers, their score and how many quizzes they have taken. It can be filtered by Workspaces and the user will only see the results for the ones they are a member of. This creates more anonymity because users can’t see other users' scores if they are not a part of the same Workspace.

You can also search for a user to see their score as well as sort by score, name or amount of quizzes taken.

It is also possible to archive quizzes instead of deleting them. Archiving means that users can’t take that quiz anymore, but managers can see responses and they can publish the quiz again. Admins and Account Managers can access quiz drafts created by others, so they can do changes, delete or publish them. Also, they can delete or archive quizzes created by others.

How do I export a quiz?

You can export:

  • the list of quizzes

  • the leaderboard

  • or the quiz itself

*Quizzes can only be created by (Workspace) Managers, Leads or higher roles.

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