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Dashboard Formulas Explained: Scores by Category
Dashboard Formulas Explained: Scores by Category

Learn how the Scores By Category are calculated on the Dashboard

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This card shows the combined average of all category scores (given or received) for each agent, taking into account the time period selected in the filter.

To understand the underlying values, keep in mind that even though you know the number of reviews, the number of individual ratings per category may be different. This is usually the case if you allow for n/a (skipping a category) in your rating practice.

The average for each category is always calculated based on the number of ratings given for the specific category. Since this card shows combined average of individual category scores, then category weights and critical status are not taken into account.

Formula 1: Average score for a specific category

This cell shows the average score for this specific category and this user. It is calculated by adding up all ratings for this category and then dividing it by the number of ratings that were given. If a user got three ratings for category one, the average of these three ratings will constitute category one.

Formula 2: Average score for a specific category, across all users

This cell shows the average score for this specific category. We are calculating the average of the entire column. If agent A got a 100% rating, and Agent B got 80%, then the average score will be 90%.

Formula 3: Average score for this individual agent

This is the average score for this individual agent for the selected time period, across all categories that were rated. It is counted as the average of the row, meaning we count the average scores per category for that agent.

Formula 4: Average score of all selected agents

This is a combined average of all categories and all agents, which means it takes into account all values from the column Average score (Formula 3) and shows an average.

Note that the average does not take into account that the agent may have failed some conversations entirely due to critical categories (weight of the categories also not calculated). That’s why the score here is usually higher than the agents’ individual quality score.

Example calculation

This Google Sheet includes example calculations. Click into the cells to see the exact formula.

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