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Compare your teams' data across different Workspaces

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You've been busy doing reviews and your teams are divided into different Workspaces. It's now time to see how well they are doing and how their reviews compare to one another.

There is a way to do that in our Dashboard view. Simply select the Workspaces you want to compare and you will be able to see the IQS (Internal Quality Score) of all of them, track the monthly change, the total number of rated conversations, and comments added. You can also now check the graph and track how many reviews have been done, as well as the scores in that specific period of time.

The IQS will show the average of all the reviews across all your selected Workspaces and/or selected users who are added to multiple Workspaces.

You can also check the average of all the IQS's across the Workspaces. Please note that this number will not always match the total IQS (overview) as it's the average of the column AVG(95%+94%), and does not take into account how many reviews have been done per Workspace.

Our other Dashboard indicator cards also allow you to compare the agent's performance across the same categories in different Workspaces, if you have teams scattered in different countries but are reviewed based on the same categories. You can also have an overview of all individual agent's Quality Scores in one table.

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