Alongside doing QA in order to improve the quality of your support offering, it is also important to ask your customers for their feedback on your performance.

With the Klaus Customer Satisfaction surveys, you can send out attractive, personalized surveys to your customers. You can then compare your CSAT scores to your IQS scores to get a wider picture of how you are doing.*

To get started, you should:

  • Go to Settings>Account Settings and choose CSAT survey

  • Click on Create Survey

In this page, you can personalize your CSAT survey and see a preview.


This is where you can choose the content of your CSAT survey email including the email subject and questions your customers can respond to.


You can personalize content text fields (sender’s name, email subject, intro question) by using placeholders. Just click on the placeholders while typing and it will automatically add it to the text.


Here you can add your own logo and colors to create a survey which stays true to your brand.


Decide who gets this survey and when.

Rating Scales

Choose the rating scale your customers will use to leave feedback and create additional reasons which your customers can choose if they wish to go into more detail.

Thank you

Choose your sign off message


You can save the survey as a draft when it’s not published yet or edit survey and save changes for running survey


Will publish the survey. The only way to pause or stop the survey is to delete it.

Once you publish the survey, don’t forget to disable or turn off your previous CSAT surveys.

To see the results of your CSAT survey whether you are using the Klaus survey or a 3rd party, you can consult the CSAT dashboard.

*Note: CSAT survey does not work with masked data or with custom integrations (API).

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