Whether you are using a Klaus CSAT Survey or a survey from your help desk*, you will want to be able to view and analyze your results.

This is possible with the Klaus CSAT Dashboard!

You can access the dashboard here:


Just like in the main dashboard, you have plenty of filtering options such as time period, which agents, tickets with a certain tag, You can also filter to only see tickets with a specific score.


This is the main summary which displays your overall CSAT score for this period with a breakdown of the scores. You can also set a CSAT target here.

Survey Funnel

Shows you how many surveys were sent vs. how many responses and comments you received. This allows you to determine your response rate.

CSAT over time

Shows you your CSAT score daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly and compares those scores to your target.

Tags from help desk

Displays tags from your help desk conversations with CSAT feedback

Word Cloud

A word cloud showing you the most used words in CSAT comments

CSAT by users

A breakdown of CSAT performance by user

Survey replies

A list of scores and their accompanying comments. Click on any ticket ID to open the ticket in another window

*The CSAT Dashboard will only show the information if you use the native rating survey from your help desk. 3rd party surveys unfortunately are not exposed in the API so we cannot display them on the dashboard.

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