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Once reviews have been completed and trends have been spotted using our Dashboard, the next step is to host coaching sessions with your agents.

The Coaching Sessions feature in Klaus allows you to see which agents need the most help and plan a coaching session for them.

Once you have created a coaching session with an agent, you will see two panels on this page. On the right hand panel, you will be able to analyze the agent's performance in the selected time period including their:

  • IQS score

  • CSAT score

  • Score per category

  • Quiz results

  • Comment feedback from reviewers

  • Pins created under the agent's profile

The left-hand panel is where you will make note of what was discussed during the coaching session. Here you can add:

  • Talking points and notes

  • Pins to discuss from the right-hand panel

  • Action items

  • Personal Notes that only you can see

Sessions are private between two participants and both users will the same view with the exception of the personal notes, those are completely private. However, you can share the coaching session with a manager so that they can keep track of the progress. Once the session is complete, you will be able to see a record of it and all other sessions in the main Coaching Sessions page consisting of 2 panels.

Coaching insights give you an overview of the sessions (coach and coachee’s performance) alongside the IQS and you can check if the reviews have been seen or not.

The second panel gives you sessions overview with dates and the progress of the session. Workspace managers will have an overview of all sessions happening in that Workspace.

This feature is available on our Professional and Advanced plans.

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