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Why is my Survey Dashboard different than my help desk's report?
Why is my Survey Dashboard different than my help desk's report?

Explains the differences of what's in Klaus vs your help desk

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There's a possibility that you notice a difference between the number on your help desk's CSAT report vs what you can see in Klaus Survey Dashboard. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Timezones. We use UTC on Dashboards, but keep the dates of conversations and replies in the user’s local timezone (so they’d match with what you see on help desks). On the Survey dashboard we have a list of conversations, so it’s a mix of two worlds (the list of conversations is currently also displayed in your local timezone, to keep it consistent with all other lists of conversations and conversation dates).

  • Timestamps on the dashboard and help desks or any third party CSAT reporting which you are using. It can be conversation created date, updated date, closed date, CSAT sent date, CSAT response date etc.

  • Number of users. If there are users in your help desk that are not users in Klaus, we won't be able to match the numbers. This also applies if users were added for example mid-month but you're trying to check the full month's CSAT report in Klaus.

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