Tracking review time

Can I check how long it took to do a review?

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What does the review time mean?
Review time in Klaus is the active time spent on a conversation until the review is submitted. This means time tracking only occurs when the user is on the conversation review window in Klaus. Once you submit a review, the time spent on it is displayed under the given feedback for each reviewer separately.

When does the tracking start?

Review time tracking starts whenever a conversation is opened.

When does the tracking pause?

The review time will be paused automatically in the background if the user has clicked on another tab, has been idle for longer than 30 seconds, they close the browser or tab, they open a new conversation, they change view inside of Klaus, close their laptop or the internet connection is lost.

When does the tracking resume?

Review time tracking will resume when the conversation is opened again or the user reactivates after spending longer than 30 seconds of being idle.

When does the tracking stop?

Tracking will stop once the review has been submitted.

Which reviews are being tracked?

We are tracking the time of reviews done in the Conversation view, individual message views in a conversation, Assignments reviews and Browser Extension reviews.

What if multiple reviews are being done on the same conversation?

We will display the time it took for each review separately.

Can I check the review time on the Dashboard?

Average review time is being displayed alongside IQS and CSAT.

It is also available on the Dispute Dashboard and on the Coaching session view.

*The review tracking time works only with the latest version of our Browser Extension.

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