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KlausGPT automatically generates the summary of the conversation as part of your Klaus feedback survey. That way, your customers can be reminded on what the conversation was about without having to read through the entire interaction.

KlausGPT is hosted and trained by Klaus, so customer data is not sent anywhere else.

You can turn it on under Settings > Account Settings > Surveys > Content:

How does it work?

Not all surveys are sent out immediately after a conversation has happened, so KlausGPT will use the power of AI to write a summary of the conversation as a reminder for the customer.

KlausGPT will also give suggestive snippets to your customers in the comment section of the CSAT survey which are based on the conversation content. Your customer has a choice to either accept the suggestion which is offered and continue adding their own text or simply type out their own comment.

To analyze the results of your feedback surveys, you will be able to find them on the Surveys Dashboard.

KlausGPT is currently available for email feedback surveys only, on all Klaus’ subscription plans. The summary is generated by AI and not something we can change at the moment.

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