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Each review can either result in a pass or fail.

Review outcome “Passed vs Failed” is determined by baseline* of the IQS.

For example, the baseline is set to 80%, then the review would be:

  • Passed if review score is 80% or higher

  • Failed if review score is 79.9% or lower

The Pass Rate calculation is the Sum of reviews passed/Sum of Total reviews.

You will see the result on the Dashboard under a new card:

User card

  • Pass rate for that particular user

  • Periodic change(%) for pass rate for that particular user

  • Number of passed reviews

Score by reviews

  • Review outcome column for a “Score by reviews” card

    • Each review will have an outcome of the review - Passed or Failed

*Baseline will be set by Klaus and this is hardcoded to 80%, if you need the baseline to be changed, please let us know. This feature is available upon request. Please contact us to have it enabled.

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