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Tips for better filtering

Why you should specify a time range when filtering

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Why should I always select a time period when filtering for conversations?

Without a specific date filter, Klaus will look through all of your Workspace's connections (unless specified otherwise) and through the entire history of the connection. For example, if you started using Klaus 3 years ago, a simple "Assignee" or "Conversation tag" filter will have to dig through all conversations from the past 3 years.

How can I make my filtering load faster?

An easy way to greatly limit this workload is to provide a date range for the search, with the fastest one being the conversation's "Created date".

What happens if I don't select a time frame?

If you do not add a filter which specifies a time frame, we will rely on the fallback filter "Created at" and it will default to last 30 days.

This can be changed either by editing the filter setup (and adding one of the date conditions from below) or setting the fallback filter's value to a custom period.

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