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Intercom messenger CSAT or CES survey

How to set up in-app feedback surveys for Intercom

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Intercom users can select between Email and Messenger as feedback survey channels.

How to enable in-app feedback survey for Intercom messenger?

  1. Go to the Delivery tab of your survey, find, and open Intercom connection from the list of connections.

2. When setting it up for the first time, it is necessary to Authenticate Klaus CSAT with Intercom. To do that, click the Authenticate button and follow the instructions.

When the Messenger is used as CSAT/CES delivery option, CSAT/CES survey triggering in messenger will be controlled by Intercom according to the rules listed here.

If the customer does not respond to the Messenger CSAT/CES, follow up e-mail will be sent.

3. If you have multi brand set up in Intercom, you can also add brand rules:

To see the results of your feedback survey whether you are using the Klaus survey or a 3rd party, you can consult the Survey dashboard.

Please note that if you use multiple surveys, we are able to record only one survey result per conversation ID.

*Note: CSAT survey does not work with masked data.

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