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How long will Klaus keep my conversation data?
How long will Klaus keep my conversation data?

Retention periods for help desk connections

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When setting up a help desk connection, you can select a retention period to specify how long Klaus should keep your conversation data. This period is calculated from the time when the conversation was last updated within the help desk.

It’s considered best practice to only keep data for as long as you need it. This means, for example, that if you don’t plan to review any conversations older than six months you should set Klaus to delete them after this time. This ensures a clutter-free Klaus account, enhancing privacy, security, and user experience. Your conversation data will still be available within your help desk and your reviews will remain in Klaus but data about your customers will not.

What will be removed after the selected period:

  • Conversation content

  • Conversation metadata

    • External tags

    • Details of the end user involved

    • Information fields such as status, group or channel

What will remain:

  • All reviews with the comments, ratings and reactions

  • All disputes

  • All AutoQA ratings

When you access the reviews on a deleted conversation, it will look like this:

We retain conversations from new connections for one year by default but you can update this to fit your needs. The available retention periods are one month, three months, six months or one year.

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