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Can Scorecards be copied to other Workspaces?Duplicating scorecards across workspaces
How is IQS calculated?Calculation breakdown of the review scores
Why is my Survey Dashboard different than my help desk's report?Explains the differences of what's in Klaus vs your help desk
Some users unable to access correct dataWhat to do when a user doesn't see all the data
Where can I find my saved drafts of reviews?How are drafts stored
How can I reconnect my Help Desk?What to do when a help desk is disconnected and you aren't seeing all your conversations or tickets
How can I contact Klaus?How to get in touch with support
How can I start a subscription?How to set up a subscription
How does the subscription work?Explanation on the subscription
Where can I find the invoices for Klaus?Billing history
Which integrations does Klaus support?Supported integrations
How can I change language in Klaus?Supported languages of the app
Which timezone is used in Klaus?Time zone settings
How can I delete my help desk connection?Removing a connection
What are the benefits of each Rating Scale?About rating scales
What happens when I change a rating scale?Here's what happens if you decide to change rating scale later on.
I can't access my account, what to do?Troubleshooting steps
How do you handle third party data? GDPR?Security concerns
Can I use templates for reviews?How to do reviews consistently
How can I remove the notifications?How to check and mark your notifications as read
How long will Klaus keep my conversation data?Retention periods for help desk connections
How can I edit or delete a review?Instructions on how to correct an error or wrongly submitted review